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Thread: Researchers create brain-computer interface that bypasses spinal cord injury paralysi

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    Researchers create brain-computer interface that bypasses spinal cord injury paralysi

    check this out guys.

    Researchers create brain-computer interface that bypasses spinal cord injury paralysis
    By Sebastian Anthony on April 20, 2012 at 11:45 am

    Scientists at Northwestern University in Chicago, with funding from the National Institutes of Health, have successfully bypassed the spinal cord and restored fine motor control to paralyzed limbs using a brain-computer interface.

    The researchers have created a neuroprosthesis that combines a brain-computer interface (BCI) that’s wired directly into 100 neurons in the motor cortex of the subject, and a functional electrical stimulation (FES) device that’s wired into the muscles of the subject’s arm. When the subject tries to move his arm or hand, that cluster of around 100 neurons activates, creating a stream of data which can then be read and analyzed by the BCI to predict what muscles the subject is trying to move, and with what level of force. This interpreted data is passed to the FES, which then triggers the right muscles to perform the desired movement.

    The end result is a computer network that effectively replaces the nervous system and restores remarkably accurate fine motor control to a paralyzed arm — watch the video below and be amazed. You will notice that, as always with bleeding edge science, the subject of this study is a rhesus monkey rather than a human — but our anatomy is very, very similar to that of our primate cousins.


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    Too early for excitement but WOW!

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    I still go for the natural thing, regrow my own nerves pleaseeeeeee! We only need a 10% to be able to function well.


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    Manouli, that, natural regeneration of course is the ideal way. We all want that. the electrical stimulator offers some promise though. Jim Bennet says it is too early for any conclusion of wise's trial in china. the annoucement if that trials success is what we are waiting for. no matter what.

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    That's amazing. I wonder if any similar device can be created to enable some sensation.

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