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Thread: What type of doctor do I need to see?

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    What type of doctor do I need to see?

    I am a walking quad. I was running about 8 miles a day, but my gate is not that great and my leg drags a little. Recently I have a very achy muscle in my butt, due to over compensation of that muscle, I believe. It sends shooting pains down my leg and then my leg gives out on me (which I believe is due to the spinal cord injury and not the pain, because it is not THAT bad). I think my issues are bad gait + running strain+ spinal cord injury. It’s been about 3 weeks and it is not getting better. I would like to go see a doctor, but I am unsure what type. Any suggestions?

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    I would go see either a Sports Medicine or a Spinal Cord Injury doctor. Sports Medicine is easier to come by.

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    A physiatrist (rehabilitation medical doctor) or a doctor specializing in sports medicine can evaluated your strength, abilities, gait and suggest exercise routines and physical therapy.

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    I am moving this to the Doctors and Clinics forum.

    You can find a list of physiatrists in your area here:

    Ideally, you want one who also is board certified in Spinal Cord Medicine. You can search here for that:


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