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Thread: brown-sequard syndrome

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    brown-sequard syndrome

    I was injured in a motor-vehicle accident in June 29, 2003. I am a C2 incomplete brown-sequard injury. I was able to walk 2 days after the accident (the moment they put the halo) on me. I have always had normal bowel, bladder and sexual function since the injury. I am approximately 5 months post-injury now and I am able to run, play basketball and soccer (though nowhere near as proficient as before). My right side still feels sluggish and heavy at times and my left side still has no pain or temperature sensation (which is very scary). My question there anything that I can do or should do to help my condition improve. I used to play professional soccer and I would like to get back to it. I know some might say this is unrealistic, (it might be) but I plan to push myself and give it my best shot. Anyone out there in a similar situation or who could help me out with some advice?

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    what exactly is brown sequard syndrome? my husband had a motorcycle accident last year and is now a c5 quad. but i remember hearing that back then. but i don't know what it is? i would really appreciate it if someone could explain it to me. thank you so much.

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    Hi CDR, welcome to CareCure.

    There's a lot of information in this forum and the Care forum about Brown-Sequard syndrome, a search will turn up plenty of information. To get you started, please view the following topic and the links provided therein.

    Brown-sequard syndrome

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    Hi CDR, I'm a C6 with Brown-Sequard syndrome. It took me much more time to walk than you, I first stood in parallel bars with a brace on my weak leg at nine months. I now use crutches for functional walking, though I hope to graduate to a cane by Christmas. I am approaching three years post injury and am still slowly getting stronger.

    As you are only 5 months out, you can expect to get more return. Whether you will play pro soccer again is unknown, but your spinal cord injury is less severe than most.

    Regarding changes in the pain and temperature sensation, I have not experienced the same kind of return there that I have in my motor function. I've gotten the motor return from intense activity-based therapies. My sensory return stopped by a year out, probably before.

    Following Seneca's link to a thread where she posted more links should give you a lot of info on Brown-Sequard as well.

    I wish you the best .. fight for all you can get!

    - Bruce

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