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Thread: Design Graduate Student Seeking volunteers!!!!

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    Smile Design Graduate Student Seeking volunteers!!!!

    Hello all!

    My name is Byung (be young)
    and I am a current industrial design graduate student.
    I am currently working on designing a new wheelchair that features a new
    type of propulsion system and other features that will hopfully be developed in the new few weeks.

    I have been doing lots and lots of research and eventhough I have found many useful information, I realized there really is no better solution then actually
    reaching out to wheelchair users and understand their own personal experiences rather then reading bunch of numbers and charts.

    I would like to ask for some volunteers to guide me to the right direction so that I can really focus my design direction to a more relevent context.
    This research would be a series of questions based on your own opinions of your experiences with your wheelchair.

    Please feel free to contact me if this sparks any interest!

    your personal information will be kept confidential and you will be credited by the end of my project.

    I am located in Seattle, WA.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this post!


    Update -
    I am a Industrial design grad student at University of Washington.
    I have a few advisors on board which I would gladly share with you if needed.
    My email Address is

    Thank you!
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    What school are you attending? Who is your advisor?
    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
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    Kudos on your project, BC. Your best bet is to post your email address for anyone interested to contact you. Traditionally these requests get responses from some here that are super skeptical about legitimacy (hence the advisor question, and the question about IRB approval that'll likely show up soon). Subsequently students develop disinterest in continuing any discussion here.

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    I thought it would be nice to have the questions public.

    Please feel free to add other suggestions you might think it's needed.
    Thank you!

    1 - On an average, how long are you on a wheelchair in a given day?

    2 - When meeting with your physical therapist, what are some issues you mention often?

    3 - In your home, what are some of the most difficult task to perform?

    4 - In public places, what are the most frustrating tasks?

    5 - If your home is modified to accommodate your needs, what are the modifications?

    6 - When use of public transportation, what are the most difficult element?

    7 - What features or qualities do you look for in a wheelchair?

    8 - Would you buy a motor-assisted wheelchair? (manual-controlled with motor(s) to assist with hills, inclines, or difficult situations)

    9 - Are there any alternative situations that a basic wheelchair could be better outfitted for? (such as combined indoor/outdoor use, or design for a specific sport/activity)

    10 - Are there any minor difficulties/obstacles that are generally not addressed in making a building/campus wheelchair accessible?

    11 - Are there any wheelchair components that could be improved through the use of different materials (increasing strength) or different design?

    On a scale of 1-10, Please put according to your opinion. Feel free to add any other qualities.
    Mechanical Advantage or Assisted Propulsion
    Ease of Maintenance
    Availability of Replacement Parts
    Ease of Transfer in and out of chair

    Please feel free to send the answers back to me via - private msg, or email listed above.

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    Your failure to provide the info requested above puts your legitimacy in question. Members as cautioned regarding providing personal info to the OP.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Your failure to provide the info requested above puts your legitimacy in question. Members as cautioned regarding providing personal info to the OP.


    It looks like he did at the bottom of his first post.
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    Smile Update!

    I would like to give thanks to those who participated so far.
    I will be starting my design process with those given opinions and answers.
    Once I have finished the phase one of the design process, I would like to shared my designs with those who participated.

    Please note that it’s not too late to be a part of my research!

    Some things to share with you…

    -More efficient propulsion movement

    -Promoting steady body posture

    -Adjustable wheel tilt (Active, daily use)

    -Smaller folding structure

    These are just some ideas I am targeting with my design.
    Obviously these are some major issues but I am hoping with your personal experience and suggestions, I can further refine my concept as I am in development mode.

    Thank you!

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