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Thread: Brown-sequard syndrome

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    Brown-sequard syndrome

    Is there anyone with this diagnosis out. My question is, I am wondering if my pain and temperature sensation will return and if so how long will it take. Are there any therapies I can consider to help my situation. I am a very incomplete injury. I have been injured for 5 months

    Looking forward to a response

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    Hi Chillaxer, welcome to CareCure.

    You should find the following discussions helpful:

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    I am C5/6 with Brown Sequard, also very incomplete and walking. I would say my temperature and pain sensation has improved slightly over time. It affects only my right side from my waist down.

    My touch sensation is essentially normal everywhere. I'm now just over 2 years post...

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    Hi chillaxer, I'm C6 with Brown-Sequard, almost three years post. It's hard to say how much of the pain and temperature return you will get. I just posted a little about my experience here.

    I am still doing activity-based therapies and getting motor returns, but my sensory has remained stable for about two years. Anybody know about a relationship to activity therapy and sensory return?

    - Bruce

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