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Thread: Beijing - MK99's post OEC transplant report

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    Beijing - MK99's post OEC transplant report

    Greetings from Beijing:

    As some of you know I have been in Beijing for the past 10 days to have Dr. Huang's OEC cell transplant.

    My surgery was approximately 48 hours ago and went smoothly. It was expected to take approx. 2 hours but ended up taking closer to 6 hours because they were very carefuly not to damage or tear any muscle tissue in my back. It seems my muscle tissue is kind of in a strange location and they had to cut carefully all around it.

    Anyhow, because my MRI showed a lot of damage in the T2-T6 area (my main injury site is at T4), I asked Dr. Huang to use more cells than normal. He agreed to use 1.5million OEC cells vs. the 1.0 he usually uses. I also asked him to use Methylprednisolone (MP or Steroid) to see if there will be any benefit. His ASIA testing classification confirmed that I am an Asia A even though I had some very minor sensation well below my injury level.

    Needless to say, I am still pretty wiped out and feel very tired and sore all over my back and chest/ribs area. Better today than yesterday but I think it'll probably be at least 2 days before I am truly feeling much better.

    So far I have not noticed any very significant changes but of course it takes somewhere between 6-12 months for the benefits to plateau. I do, however, think I have better and more accurate feeling on my feet.

    The plan now is to repeat all the pre-surgical tests in approximately 10 days to document the trial properly. Following that, we woud like to see Tiannemen Squre, Forbidden City & Great Wall if possible. And then I wouldn't mind getting home as I miss my wife and my little monsters quite a bit.

    So: everything went OK and I hope to be home in a few weeks and start a very inense physiotherapy program including Suspended Treadmill Training and FES bike use.

    I may not be posting regularly here for the next few days as I need to sleep/rest.

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    Great to hear you're doing well, Mike. Rest up - I know how those first 5-6 days can be.

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    Way to go Mike! Glad to hear everything went well. We look forward to your updates.

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    Cowabunga, Dude! Thank you for the report!!!!

    Here's to some return and some great sight-seeing. And a triumphant return home to the fam.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    It seems my muscle tissue is kind of in a strange location and they had to cut carefully all around it.

    thats a liberal socialist muscle pattern...

    i think your type of injury will do well. i'd bet within 3 months you will have a high percent of return. i also like how you asked for more cells and for mp. we need more ppl who goes to get these treatments to push the science forward the way you did. great thinking.

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    Congratulations - you're another brave pioneer!

    Keep us posted - I'm an Asia A mid thoracic injury too so I'm really interested to hear how the treatment affects you.

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    Yo, like you need another cheerleader, well here he is anyway; and i'm mid-thoracic, too, so we got our eyes on ya boy!

    Hey make a comparison between the pain and suffering this time versus Cheng.

    Live for today, look to tomorrow

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    Thank You for posting. Get some rest and . Have a good Thanksgiving, and we are so thankful for you and the others who have gone before you,my friend Cody T9 will be watching your post and praying for you.

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    I haven't been on the forum much lately, so I am shocked you have already had the "Beijing" procedure. I thought you were going in January of 04.

    Your injury level, retained sensation, and ASIA classification are virtually identcal to mine. I will anxiously follow your progress.

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    Thanks for posting Mike.

    Rest up and safe travels.

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