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Thread: Recommended Massage Therapist?

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    Recommended Massage Therapist?

    I'd post this in the Canada forum but it gets little traffic.

    For those SCIs living in Vancouver or the lower mainland, is there a massage therapist you would recommend for someone with an SCI? I want to go to someone who will work on my legs and lower back and has some working knowledge about complete SCIs as I imagine the average RMT would be thrown off by someone who wants work done on an area that is below an injury site. (i.e. lack of sensation, function, etc.)

    Up until now, I've only booked massage sessions for my upper body, but recently I noticed how well my body responds to massage and I'd like to go regularly. It is hugely beneficial to me in terms of pain management, so if I can do therapy instead of resorting to medication, that would be awesome.

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    By all means, check the yellow pages or, your computer for one. I will ask my massage therapist but, we're a long way from the Vancouver area. Good luck. I too know the benefits of a good one.
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    I had heard years ago that it is not a good idea to get a massage for your paralzyed limbs as it could cause or move a blood clot, don't know how true that is, but I did hear it from a health care professional when I was thinking about doing the same.
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