Hi again this is my new thread.

I am Eric and have had MS for along while(I'm 37 years old.

I've brought out my walker recently to make it so I could get around safely...

Well, for some reason I have been so embarrassed and strange feeling using it in public. From rolling out of the car, to shopping and leaving.
I find myself waiting until the store sort of clears out of people then I make a run for it, because it feels less likely to be seen.

It never works out and people just pile in after me. I just feel weird being the only one walking around with a walker and bracing on my legs at a slow pace. Now, I am 37.

I dunno...I just feel self conscious about it all the time now.

The other day I come out to the handi parking where my car is and start my rollout to the car. Low and behold I spot a white Ford Wagon righ next to my car with a bunch of young people in there looking directly at me. Everything got mysteriously quiet as I approached and I got nervous. I wanted to go back in the store, but I had to get to my car.

So Apparently they had a friend in the store and they were waiting for him. Of course I had to do my car entering routine in front of them and while they weren't looking I could sense they were glimpsing at me. God it sucked...I wanted to get out of there so fast. I hate people watching me do this...

Is anyone here timid and self concieous about using these devices and going into places? How can I treat myself to just be happy with it and not get so embarrassed?

thank you, folks.