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Thread: Treated like a baby sucks

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    Treated like a baby sucks

    Hi forum, I'm Eric and I have had MS for around 16,17,18 years now I think, not sure lol.

    Anyways, been having balancing dramas lately and have entrusted myself to use my walker with the front wheels on it. This hasn't been the first time, but this time around I have been treated much much more like a baby than I ever had been. I'm a 37 year old male, drive the car, no problem, Can take total care of myself...I'm just a little slow(a lot slow) while opening doors and walking big deal for me.

    The thing is and I have no idea why, but people treat me like a baby from opening doors for me to outright baby talk

    Just tonight I went to the pharmacy to get a DR.Pepper and some Kit-Kats....
    When I finally approached the counter, this young woman lets me budge ahead giving me this smile as if I were a toddler trying to climb stairs. Well ok fine, I appreciate that and I told her so. She said no problem.

    So I poay for my stuff and the cashier says, now imagine in baby talk, "Here sweety, I'll give you a small bag to help ya with that" I'm like...thanks, appreciated.

    Now I go to leave through the manual door(I can open them just fine) and this young man holds it wide open saying, again in baby like talk) "You have a nice night sir" I say...Thanks, man....voice a little shaky.

    THEN! LOL, this woman sees me backing up myself and walker to my car door and she says...."Would you like some help with that, Honey? Now I feel stupid denying people their services(they do care) so I said, "sure, appreciated" Then she says, "have a nice night, my friend"(again in baby like talk)

    Now please know that I REALLY do appreciate their services, I enjoy people lending a hand rather than ignoring me out of fright like I am some sort of weirdo. I appreciate that a lot, but this baby talk has got to go.

    I'm kind of irritated that from now on I am going to be treated like a baby, invalid, comatose guy that can't feed himself. I am fully functional....I don't even pee my pants.....well....sometimes LOL.......

    So on here who knows what I mean? Is their a way to change this?

    I'm already embarrssed using the walker everyplace I go and this baby talk makes my trips even more embarrassing....I hate it!

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    I'm really new to all of this, but I understand what you mean 100%! My problems are slightly different from yours, but the biggest is people touching my hair or rubbing my head. Drives me up a wall. Just because it is hand level for you doesn't mean I need my ears scratched like a dog!

    Plus their is always baby talk. My aunt is the worst she came in the other day and literally said "The nurse said you got your clothes on today before she even came in to wake you up!" I swear her voice jumped up three notes and she was talking to a 7 year old. What does she expect me to do lol, just to wheel around in my cute little panties all day long? Haha I couldn't handle it anymore so I flipped out and had one of my freak outs. They all let it slide because I still am getting frustrated so easily, but they haven't baby talked to me since! When other people do it, i become a little of a B, and just mock them and roll my eyes. They pick up on it pretty fast :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam.I.Am View Post
    When other people do it, i become a little of a B, and just mock them and roll my eyes. They pick up on it pretty fast :P

    Well I don't roll my eyes or make people feel bad....they are helping me and TBH I rather have the baby talk and their help rather than being completely ignored(which I have been) That hurts a lot...I hate it when that happens.

    I think some people aren't sure if they should or not(open a door) or something in fear of making me feel my handicap even more or something. Or they are just afraid of me.

    I lik ethe help and no matter what, I will take it(baby talk or not) but I sure wish the baby talk would go away... I look like I am helpless, but I can't take people feeling sorry for me.

    I don't want to be felt sorry for and all the there there' is what it is, I live with it and I manage.... I appreciate the help sometimes, but I am still a 37 year old man that is just as able minded as anyone....

    I just want a way to show people to not feel sorry and quit the baby talk.

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    Sam, I don't get my ears scratched lol....I can still stand, but that can change at any moment lmao.....

    You should pant like a dog next time lol.

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    RAFS, I returned your P/M but your inbox is full!

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    Wear a T-shirt that says:

    I'm an adult!
    And, yes, my legs don't work right.
    Leave me the fuck alone!

    (Personally, my MS has graduated me into a wheelchair. I'm grateful for whatever help is offered, regardless of the tone of voice).

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