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    .. On June 1st I returned to the U.S. from Astana where I received stemedica's ischemic tolerant neural stem cells as well as mesenchyal stem cells. Dr. Jumaniyazov Daniyar is very experienced and speaks perfect English. The National Medical Research Center is excellent and is where the U.S. astronauts have their medical tests before their last 7 space launches with the Russians. I also was treated in Astana 12 months ago. Last week was my 6th stem cell treatment since 2006. My physical therapist has already noticed significant improvements which only comes from rigorous exercise rountines. Astana is a stunningly beautiful city. For whoever has'nt read the book The Miracle of Stem Cells, this book is a "must read". it can be ordered online at $40. always use google for searching.. Hope this information is helpful .... .... .... ....
    can u plz give the contact details of this center?

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