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Thread: Discussion of Acid's postings on "A Show on '60 Minutes' about this website"

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    Acid, you might have better luck recruiting volunteers at They don't have censorers over there, I'm told. They also don't have Dr. Young advocating the torture of mammals or all these pesky members who support such torture. Just a suggestion.

    C5/6 incomplete, injured Aug. 2000

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    I don't mean to be cruel but why do you post such lengthly, repetitive, posts? My fear is new comers won't continue to read other's posts on a topic after the wade through two or three of your nonsensical(sp?), long winded, posts. Have a heart. Stick to the topic, only post one at a time, and get to the damn point. Please don't make it difficult for people to read threads that may benefit them.



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    "why do you post such lengthly, repetitive, posts?" Because one like ChrisD, even if one wrote some stuff over and over again, and explained it again and again to people asking, still did not seem to get some stuff.
    One can even have it stand in one's profile, but it obviously did not manage to arrive in his brain.

    I assume I could instead just have ignored his inane questions. That would have saved the umpteenth repeating about something.

    Something similar goes for this embryonic film. If people with SCI were some brighter, it might have occurred to themselves, that as a central argument could have been used the question, when does a person become a person.

    A sperm or egg is not a person.

    2 cells might also not be regarded a person.

    Anyway, seems some people here holler rather about stuff not "legalized", and that some go for China for it,
    instead of thinking more practically, what might change the mind of a parliamentarian.

    Apart from this, I don't have anything from thinking about the issue, how to maybe make more of the public more aware of some SCI aspects,
    and next siege parliament.

    If you just find it a stupid method, is not my problem.

    I ain't got SCI, and it might have just been a way in the past, to make me more aware of SCI correlated problems.
    But if you wish to ignore such, so what.

    "My fear is new comers won't continue to read other's posts on a topic after the wade through two or three of your nonsensical(sp?), long winded, posts." If your intellect is not able to grasp of any of my posts the sense, does not mean everyone got to be as stupid as you.
    Apart from this, others might have the intelligence, to eventually notice, if texts by a person don't interest them. And skip them.

    "Stick to the topic" To which, your criticizings of me, or by ChrisD this topic or that topic point,
    or while you and ChrisD are off-topic with the header
    in your firings against me,
    I am supposed to refrain from firing back?
    Start with yourself.

    "only post one at a time," What, mingle Re's to ChrisD, film stuff about SCI, a Re to you, and parliament siege, all together in one post into one wild chaos?
    For me these are too differing for that.

    "and get to the damn point."

    OK: I find not just ChrisD and you stupid.
    If a 60 minutes show about this site were to haul, exaggerated, everyone and their flea
    to this dictator site
    with its mindboggling stupidness concerning brain sectors functions, petty wars, daftness and people "screaming" at non-SCI, what are they doing here, etc.,
    is this really good?

    It might spoil the reputation of people with SCI.

    While such a series as suggested might less.

    [This message was edited by Acid on 11-19-03 at 03:09 PM.]

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    Beth: Thanks for the advice.
    But if there should be enough interest and getting along, I'm interested in Salmanilla for more than just SCI correlated
    magic experiments.
    With several others here it's sort of open, if us ever tune.

    So I might tune with 1-2 here eventually.
    Which might be more than enough for my spinal harmonies.

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    Why do we, CC, continue to tolerate this garbage spewed by this LSD acidhead?

    ...what a waste...

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    Why not, I think he's brilliant. Sometimes he says things that are real important that most others wouldn't think about.Sometimes I don't have a clue. I like to read your posts too, Chris. That's what an open forum is all about.

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    Acid, I'm glad you've been sober for a while; it helps us westies when reading your messages.

    Anyway, why not try to find relevant studies on the effects of LSD from PubMed. With appropriate references, I'm sure you're ideas will be more readily accepted.


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    bob, if you think I'm sarcastic and rude, I invite you to read all of his posts.

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    CJO:I don't think I can find all of acid's posts- They keep getting moved around.(haha) But, yes I do enjoy reading some of them. Also, if you are bringing up the post you made 4 days ago inviting me to keep the battle going, I'm not interested. I thought it was over.

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    No, Bob, I already apologized. I was just pointing out that Acid has called me stupid, an illusionary silly head, and an idiot. But, maybe he's not too far off.

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