Although I'm 4 years post injury, my symptoms are new and different with every day, so I thought this would be a good place to stop in and say hello. Hello! I'm thrilled to have found this site with such a positive group of members! To all of you, I raise a toast to your smiles, laughs, and accomplishments!!! Ensure in my glass

I started out a T2, T3 injury (tear), with an Arachnoid Cyst, but my cyst (I named it Charlotte), has grown legs and has been gradually crawling down my spine to T8. I have an MRI every 6 months to monitor the cyst for changes in size. I am not a candidate for surgery unless the cyst, itself, were to increase in size, AND if this should occur, I'm told, it would probably come back. However, for now, I am able to walk, just not well! I use a chair for long hauls.

I have all the typical symptoms of a T-SCI, along with the pain and challenges. My symptoms increase with movement of any kind and I'm easily wiped out if I over do it. I am my worst enemy in the "over doing it" department and still live with a great deal of denial. Having a best friend become a Quad, (Complete), as a teenager keeps my attitude where it needs to be. Grateful is an understatement with respect to my injury.

It's been a real roller coaster ride but the unknown is the most difficult. As I read, many of you improve in time, where I continue to get worse. In searching the site, I have not come across anyone with an Arachnoid cyst due to an injury, so I'm hoping to gain any information that may help me understand the prognosis of an injury similar to mine? The Dr.'s I've seen, that understand my injury, tell me it's rare.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please feel free to ask me questions if needed. I look forward to visiting this site often!