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Thread: Electric razor for quad...?

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    Electric razor for quad...?

    looking for a new electric razor and I'm a C5/6...
    can someone recommend one?

    I have a Braun now that I can use fairly well
    just curious what other quads are using?


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    I've recently switched from a Braun to a Panasonic ES 8243 wet/dry. I'm not a quad but I find it is a better fit for my hand and the shave is much better - closer and more comfortable. It actually works better with a light touch/pressure against the skin.
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    I have used Norelco for years.
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    I am C6/7 finger function, but I do have wrist flexion. I use a Panasonic rechargeable ES4024 with a velcro attached cuff. The cuff doesn't get in the way of turning the razor on or off. When I need a new blade and microhead, I have found that I can buy a brand new razor (same model) at Fry's Electronics (N. California) and it is less expensive than buying the blade/microhead replacement kit.

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    I also use the Panasonics. I can hold the more expensive ones with the pivoting head in one hand without a cuff. I use it and keep it in the shower and rinse off the blades every so often. The cleaning/charging station is also nice. Makes it really easy to charge without having to plug something into the shaver. I pretty much just order it off of Amazon whenever the batteries stop holding a charge (after 3 years or so).
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    I quit shaving (grew a full beard . . .)
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    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    I quit shaving (grew a full beard . . .)

    I have never had to use any adaptions with the Norelco. The body is slimmer than the head, so it doesn't slide out of my hand, but I have wrist flexion (sp?) also.
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    I use Norelco also.

    I still prefer my popsicle stick extended Mach 3 & cream!
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    I got tired of the expensive electric shavers breaking and got the Gillette Fusion ProGlide 3-in-1 Styler. Its fat enough to hold onto for my paws.
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    I love my Panasonic. The long handle is easy to grasp between two my hands.
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