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Thread: Easytrack portable lift systems

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    Easytrack portable lift systems

    Hi, has anyone had experience with one of these?

    I'm wondering if it would be stable enough to use on carpet? Also, for those that might have one, how portable is it, and how long does it take to set up? I'm thinking with more hotels going to platform style beds, that if this is in fact portable, that it might be ideal.


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    Thumbs up eazy track

    Landrover, I think it would work better on carpet. The video was way cool. He has got it down. I am old para with worn out shoulders so that system should great.

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    That is painful to watch. Nothing against that lift in particular, but it sickens me as an engineer that that's the best we can do in this country to assist the transfer from a chair to a bed and back.

    That aside, I don't understand what you are thinking with respect to motel room portability. No one that needs a lift like that could ever set it up by themselves. If you have help, then a Hoyer type lift is way more portable and easier on you and your helper.

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    i have the 3 post track from the same company. it would be a real pain in the ass to setup for a one night stay. plus it is extremely bulky and would take up to 3 trips from the car to get into the hotel. so it's not really all that "portable." Sure it can be moved but will take about 30 minutes to setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSspouse View Post
    If you have help, then a Hoyer type lift is way more portable and easier on you and your helper.
    ...and pretty much impossible to use if you have a platform type bed. Of course the solution is for hotels to offer non-platform beds so that a mobile floor based lift can be used, but the trend is for more and more hotels to offer only platform beds (in the absence of ADA standards related to this).


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    I'm considering a different lift. It doesn't seem ppropriate for use alone but is small, very portable, and can raise a person from the floor, can be used for toileting.
    6 lbs of pressure for seated transfer, 12 lbs. from the floor.

    The testimonials are very positive (of course
    Has anyone had experience with this lift?

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