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Thread: Fa Gee Tahs

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    Fa Gee Tahs

    I've been getting skirt steaks from Blooms for a while and the other day I picked up about 5 packs. They're vacuum sealed and they are ALWAYS marked down. The two steaks here weighed 4lbs total and cost a whopping $5.04 each for a total of $10.08 for some of the best eating you can think of! I hope the people around here never figure out how good they are....kinda funny as we have a growing Latino community....

    Marinated the skirts in a little Italian dressing for base (oil & vinegar) then added cumin, chili powder, garlic, onion, pepper, salt and oregano. Used the same mixture on the peppers and onions.

    Time for the meat. Quick sear, 2 minutes per side over direct heat.

    After a quick rest it was time to slice and eat!

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    I want fajitas. Im huuuuungreeee now.

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