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Thread: Big White Pieces Coming Out of Bladder in Bed Bag Tubing

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    Big White Pieces Coming Out of Bladder in Bed Bag Tubing

    I would like to know if I should be concerned about seeing big white pieces coming out of my bladder floating in bed bag tubing? My urine has been real smelly now for weeks. Is this what is called sediment? Should I be flushing out my bladder with sterile saline or something else? I havn't had a cystoscopy or a urodynamics study in awhile. I've had the suprapubic catheter now since February 2005 and also have a colostomy as well since 12/09. I have a neurogenic bladder and bowel possibly being caused by the moderate to severe lumbar spinal stenosis diagnosis.
    Please help me if you can.
    Thank You Very Much KLD !

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    Without seeing it, it is difficult to tell, but it sounds like you may have a bladder yeast infection. Does this "sediment" look like chunks or is it more fluffy looking? If you (or your caregiver) gets some of this on gloved fingers, does it feel slimy or gritty?

    Sediment and yeast will feel slimy. Tiny stones called "sand" and "sludge" will usually feel gritty.

    You probably need to get a specimen off to a lab for analysis, and talk with your urologist. If you have yeast, there are options for either special drug bladder irrigations, or oral meds, or both. If you have sludge or sand, you probably need a cystoscopy.


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    I've had white sediment before, usually because I'm not drinking enough. I think it was just thick mucus building up.

    If your urine tests negative for anything, just continue to drink more.

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