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Thread: Rasberry Pi Board

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    Lightbulb Rasberry Pi Board

    Hey Y'all,

    If you can only scrounge up a few dollars for a computer gadget, check out a Rasberry Pi board.

    There is a great HOW TO: on youtube.

    It is not a POWER HOUSE type of computer but for a do it yourself tinker gadget, bodge together it can be an "Education in a Box" for some one whom wants to take a meander down the rabbit hole of LINUX.

    Get your GEEK ON!

    The key to linux is treat your keyboard like a Pin~ata, BEAT ON IT UNTIL IT GIVES YOU SOME CANDY.

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    im debating on this or an arduino board for robotics projects. the raspberry pi is really hard to get a hold of ATM though.

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    Looks solid. Does it include include a built-in hard disk or SSD?

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