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Thread: SCI June 3, 2011

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    Your doctor is right. Since it sounds like your HO is still active, surgery would be a serious mistake right now, as this can actually cause the HO to get worse. Stopping Didronel too early can also cause this ("rebound effect").

    Right now the best thing to do is to continue the medication, work on aggressive ROM to try to maintain as much joint movement as possible, and follow the progress of the HO maturity with serial bone scans.

    Once the HO has matured and stopped being active (per the scans), then surgery may be considered, but only in the hands of a very experienced orthopedic surgeon, and an understanding of the significant risks of possible serious bleeding and potential for post-surgical infection and complications. Generally surgery is a last resort, and only if the HO is severely limiting function.


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    So HO just lessens the chance of me getting on my feet? Or if my muscles activate will they build around the calcium and allow function to take place? This seems to me to be a set back especially since I'm 10 months out and I'm still chair bound.

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    If the muscles calcify, they cannot contract, and the risk is the the joint will go on to fuse. This can require drastic surgery to correct, and may indeed interfere in getting functional use of any return you get.


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    That just doesnt sound good. So how to avoid muscles calcifying and joint fusing because this just knocked the wind out of me. It's out of my hands? People go on to walk with HO before?

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    Unfortunately the best we currently have to offer for HO is meds like Didronel which hopefully will limit the extent of the calcification. Radiation therapy can be used early in HO, but generally is ineffective once it has begun to progress.


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    Thank you for your insight, guess I have my work cut out for me if I want to walk again.

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    heterotopic ossification (HO)

    HO can be treated with didronel for a while. HO is a chronic condition that you need to find a happy medium of finding the right cushion and back in your wheelchair for seating, gentle range of motion (ROM), and pain management. ROM can help but it needs to be directed by a PT to teach your aides and caregivers to perform. Vigorous ROM could cause a bone fracture so be careful.


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