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Thread: What should I go to school for? c6

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    What should I go to school for? c6

    so i went to school for drafting n theres no jobs right now. i'm gunna start in the fall. i was thinking accounting or some shit since i'm good with numbers. but i was wondering what some things other people went to school for? trying to see if theres something my deadass fingers won't hold me back from.

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    Hey, I hear you. As a C-7 quad I became a draftsman back in the late 1950s. I ended up without a job just like you. I was able to pick up a little work here and there but not enough to survive on. However, I was rescued in Pittsburgh in the 1960s by the rehab staff in the newly constructed rehab facility at the St. Francis Medical Center, which no longer exists. They helped me get into Pitt and offered me a job as a rehab educator and my career took off. If you are interested in the details, click on the link at the bottom of my post, scroll down to the photo of my wife, and click the "Our story" link. It was quite a change but worked out very well. What are some of the things you would like to do if you did not have an SCI? Some people find a related niche that they can fit into.
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    Software Engineer. Voted best job of 2012 and perfect for people with SCI

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    You could always be a desk. LOL.

    I really hope you have a sense of humor like me.

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    Accounting is the way to go!!!

    Accountants are always in demand and they earn the big bucks. I'm a C5/6 incomplete. I earned my degree in accounting post injury. I recently retired from IBM, a great employer for the disabled. Spent the last six years working from home.

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    If you like computers, i would say software engineer. That's what I do and it's perfect for me. Also, if you're good with numbers, you might want to look into becoming an actuary. They make very good money with the right companies.

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