I use a rigid frame wheelchair with no push handles (TE Terminator). I am now walking with forearm crutches, but am not ready to attempt a business trip with only crutches (as in, if I don't take the wheelchair, and wind up needing the wheelchair, I'm screwed).

So it seems that my choices are:

1. Take the wheelchair and no crutches, and don't enjoy the benefits of being ambulatory!
2. Figure out some way to lash the crutches onto the wheelchair so that I can take/have it all.

All the wheelchair mounted crutch holders I've seen assume a box frame like a GPV so that there's something near the ground to capture the crutch tips. I've tried making a long skinny bag with straps like a backpack, but as time goes by the crutches/bag start slipping sideways and the bottom end of the bag winds up banging into the wheels.

Surely someone has solved this problem! Help me out.