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Thread: Dry cracking skin on tailbone

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    Dry cracking skin on tailbone

    I have had very dry skin on my tailbone just above my butt crack on and off for years. It gets so dry that it cracks open forming little soars. They resemble little scraps. They can be kind of painful. I have used different types of lotions, but have never really gotten it to go away.

    I am currently using nutra sheild. It seems to work the best. However, it continually comes back. It is very annoying. If anybody has any suggestions I would appreciate hearing them.

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    Dear RollingEagle
    This troublesome area could be reopening due to several issues: moisture, positioning while sitting, and/or shearing/trauma.

    Make sure the area stays dry; if it is moist it could be a fungal type problem if you sweat alot. An antifungal powder may help.

    If it is positioning or posture in wheelchair it could be that your trunk is sliding in your chair.

    If it is shearing or trauma it could be that you are bumping this area with transfers or your clothing may have seams of pants that are rubbing on your skin.


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    Zinc ointment

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    I have been having good luck with POL cream from Cooper labs. It is expensive, but you don't have to use a lot.
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    One of the best moisturizers for dry, cracking skin, recommended by my dermatologist and primary care physician is CeraVe Cream in a jar. The lotion is great too, but for the area you are talking about the Cream is better. Good prices at Walmart and Costco.

    The key is with any moisturizer you try is consistency. Apply every day twice a day.

    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by fitch View Post
    If it is positioning or posture in wheelchair it could be that your trunk is sliding in your chair.
    I absolutely agree that this poster should have some one take a good look at their position in the chair. But after that, a good moisturizer can't hurt.

    All the best,

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    I suspect this is an area where the OP had a previous pressure ulcer that healed by scar tissue. Scar tissue does not have any oil glands in it, so can frequently have problems with dry, easily torn, and cracking of the epidermis. A good quality emollient with help, if applied at least daily. Aquaphor is inexpensive and easy to apply, as are some other products, esp. those high in urea.


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