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Thread: Here's what the mother of my girl did this week

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    That woman is bad. Tell her that you don't want to speak to her and she has to write to your lawyer instead so you have everything written down. Then fight her in court to get the child. DNA or not, you are the one who has been with the child and she is the one who has done stupid things.

    I don't know your law and rules so maybe I give bad advice. If you don't work do you have to pay a lot then? The father of my small one pay 50 dollars a month, it is nothing here. I pay 20 dollars for bus fare everytime he goes to visit his father.
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    I can not say for certain that I am correct on this, your attorney should have already told all of this to you however about the only thing you being on the birth certificate guarantees is that you will be paying child support for the next 18 years. Although you may be able to avoid it because I think if you can get it invalidated in court that you must be the acting father for 2 years before a DNA test is unable to reverse your responsibility. After 2 years it does not mater you are responsible. Maybe because they figure that the kid might remember you or something so it would be psychologically damaging to the kid.

    As far as custody goes though, unless the mother admits that she is a drug addict and is currently using, which no mother would ever do, the mother will win custody. Even if you were the biological father she would get custody. If you had been married and suspect she is still using you might have been able to get the court to do a drug test though because of her prior convictions. But you're not, so you may just have to either get over it and fight to avoid paying for a kid that will only ever be used to manipulate you if you let her.

    As far as trying to sue for expenses that you already made you don't have a chance at all unless you have signed documents from her saying that they were loans and that she would pay them back. However since it sounds like she is atonal loser trying to collect a judgement even if you did get one would be impossible.

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