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Thread: Here's what the mother of my girl did this week

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    Oh no....I feel for you. Sounds like you will have to have a lawyer.

    I truly hope she doesn't try to use your disability against you. I don't understand how people can be so mean and cruel.

    Be strong and remember that she is the one with the problems. She is playing a manipulation game by telling you these cruel things.
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    I hired a laywer the next morning after this happen. Thanks

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    I don't think her claiming the baby is not yours is going to fly. are you the one listed on the birth certificate as her father?

    I knew of a man who was proven not to be the biological father after his ex sprang that on him at the hearings, yet still had to pay child support, because he was on the birth certificate as the father.

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    yeah I am and I signed a paper saying I was

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    I googled a mans rights, and not the father pay anyway, and there are tons and tons of articles about men later proven not to be the father and having to pay anyway because he is on the childs birth papers, or he did not do dna in a timely manor. one judge even said it isn't the kids fault the mother lied, and that He is the only father they know and they should not suffer because of stupid parents.

    I googled A mans rights custody and a lot came up that may help you know where to start.

    Your being disable is not an issue. in fact she is somewhat disabled with untreated bipolar disorder. so it would be in her best interest to agree to shared custody with one or the other of you having physical custody, or temporary physical custody pending later hearings and the mother is in and responding to court ordered treatment for her behavioral disorder.

    She messed up, but that does not mean you can just take her kid away, and she cannot just take your kid away ether. If she miss lead you, to believe you are the father, there is no other man claiming paternity, and you failed to get a DNA test before signing as the father of the baby, ...... Well luckily you do have rights as a parent, presumed parent, and as a father.

    she can't say you are the father, have you sign the birth documents, let everyone else believe you are the father, the baby knows you as her father, and then just say nope, not yours see ya! that would not be in the mothers best interest in a custody battle.

    get a consult from a lawyer who has represented the disable in child custody. also the grandparents have some rights and can petition for joint custody and visitation.

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    Just love the little wee one. You are heading into ugly ugly and often disappointing waters...You are a strong and good man. Just keep that in mind...and always do the right thing.


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    Well after all this crap she wanted a DNA test and guess what i'm not the father. After being there every day for the past 10 months. My mom and dad has spent their time and thousands of dollars. So have I. It's just like she died to me. I have no rights to her anymore. My little girl looks just like me blue eyes and cotton top. She looks like my son to. My poor girl will be treated like shit from now on. Life's not fair...

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    Please help me

    Please help me
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    Are you sure? Here you would have been seen as the father with the birth certificate or if you were married, no matter what the DNA shows.

    But I am so sorry for the little girl if she can't stay with you.
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    Yes I'm on the birth certificate and signed papers at the hospital I was. She told me I was. Not married, been together almost 3 years.

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