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Thread: Here's what the mother of my girl did this week

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    Here's what the mother of my girl did this week

    , marsha j 40 female , ar 1-felony endgangering the welfare of a child - 1st degree 2-felony resisting arrest by fleeing 3-misdemeanor driving while intoxicated - drugs 4-misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia 5-careless and imprudent driving 6-failure to drive in a single lane 7-failure to yield to an emergency vehicle

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    Is your daughter OK? How awful!

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    She's great! I've got her. I've got a court order for her and she is to have no contact with us.

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    Well that is good to hear. What an ordeal!

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    I am guessing her mother of the year award nomination is pretty much screwed.

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    Christ almighty....that is an insane rap sheet. Glad your daughter is with you!

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    Some one has lost her visitation and child custody. Let alone her own freedom. Being behind bars JUST SUCKS.

    Love your daughter EVEN MORE!

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    WOW! Be sure to give your daughter an extra hug and kiss good night tonight. She is very lucky to be with you and you with her!

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    Glad your daughter is safe with you.

    You both are blessed to have each other.

    I hope her mom gets the help she needs...sigh.

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    Mother of your child?
    Or mother of your wife?

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