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Thread: vitamin B12 deficiency

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    B12 deficiency

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    Vitamin B12 deficiency may occur with aging, as intrinsic factor (which is produced in your stomach and is needed to absorb this vitamin) may not be produced as well in many as they age.

    Metformin also can interfere with intrinsic factor production, which can cause a lot of people with Type II diabetes to be deficient in B12.

    We recently had a SCI/D patient on my unit who acquired her spinal cord damage due to long-term B12 deficiency, which is one of the more exotic causes of posterior cord syndrome. Unfortunately, hers was not diagnosed early enough to prevent some pretty significant cord damage, and although she is supplemented now, the damage appears to be permanent.


    Minimum levels globally are set differently, in the U.K. 130-900, but they maybe much higher elsewhere. If you already have a SCI, and then are in the lower levels of B12, or are deficient in the vitamin, obviously you do not want extra problems with spinal cord deterioation as your patient above has experienced. My level at present is 119, i.e. 11 below the advised limit !! I am not sure if malabsorption is common in SCI's per se even if the intrinsic factor is present.

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    Please see my additional info re B12

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    Quote Originally Posted by teaman2758 View Post
    Please see my additional info re B12
    This level is very low. Have you talked with your doctor about how to correct it? Yes, your level is low enough that you could have many symptoms/problems associated with it. Get it up.

    You should have a work-up with your primary care doctor or with a gastrenterologist for your low B12. You need to also have your folate level checked, and blood tests to look for antibodies against intrinsic factor, and a few other things.

    No, malabsorption is not typically associated with SCI. But low B12 is common, relatively, so it could have nothing to do with your SCI.

    Are you vegan/vegetarian? If so, review your diet with your doctor or a nutritionist so you get appropriate nutrition.

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    Essentially the most critical vitamin for the well being of the red blood cells and for the typical functioning of our own nerves is the vitamin b12. This particular vitamin may be provided by means of food items (meat, fresh fish, and dairy products) or via vitamin b12 health supplements. The particular lack of vit b12 is not very prevalent but there are many people who knowledge it and should take most of these vitamins. Inside the subsequent lines we're talk about concerning the positive aspects of b12 vitamin.

    This particular vitamin might be kept inside the liver organ for a long time so there is no require for us for being frightened of vitamin b12 insufficiency. However, older individuals more than 65 are inside the risk-group which has probabilities to be prone to vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms in women.

    The health benefits of vit B12 are many. For instance it plays a fantastic function in the protection against megaloblastic anaemia. This kind of anaemia accounts for the overgrowth of red blood cells also it impacts their regular performance. We've stated earlier that b12 vitamin is beneficial on your nervous system and based on that vitamin b12 insufficiency may lead to nerve issues, like weak muscles, dementia, eyesight difficulties and so on.

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    I have been B-12 deficient since before my injury. I need shots every month for it, my body won't absorb it in any other form! Its a pain in the butt, but my energy is so better after my shot! I can def feel it towards the end of the month when I need another one!

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    I have now had 6 injections over 2 weeks follow up in 6weeks to see if level is up thanks for all the replies

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