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Thread: First Eval at VA SCI Center

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    Thats great news, I'm glad you got some much needed help!
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    Somehow I missed this - finally something good! Congrats on him losing 12lbs too!
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    Great news! You should be very proud of your achievements and proficiency in caregiving. Dave rates five stars for perseverance and cooperation.

    All the best,

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    It's cool it all worked out well for you and Dave, Linda. Just being around others with similar problems helps us all, sci and caregiver alike. I'm glad you have to go back...I'd try to set up going 4 times a year if possible.
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    I'm really glad that it worked out well for the both of you. At first it will seem that you will have to go to the MPLS VAMC all the time. When they get to know him a bit and his needs, it will be less frequent. Fantastic news about the chair!

    I wonder how the travel pay worked out for you. Since they wanted to see him, you should get it. With gas prices so high it would be a huge help I'm sure. Same goes for any follow-up trips you have to make.

    He should be entitled to the respite care program. He spends a few weeks at MPLS and gets a chance to meet and make friends with some of the guys in chairs. It is important to guys who don't get out and about much.

    Another thing you might not be aware of...If (God forbid) Dave needs to go to the hospital for anything SCI and it turns out to be extensive care is needed, he can request that they transfer him to the MPLS VAMC for care once he is stabilised. They will transport him by ambulance (at no charge to you) to the VA. At least they do that here in Oregon. Policy should be the same anywhere. Would save thousands in medical bills.

    Once again, I am glad that it was a good thing for the both of you.
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    So glad you found a good place. I wish all SCIs had access to that kind of expertise and support. I get very mixed reviews about the VA SCI center in nearby Agusta. I know from my travels over the years that there is a wide range of quality in VA facilities.
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    Yes, we did get travel pay which i was grateful. It was a little confusing and was told different things, but ended up getting a pink slip and discharge papers and going to the family area where they map quested the miles.
    Then we just went across to the cashier and got $188.00.
    On Monday when we checked in there was a mob of people waiting, but for some reason only a few when we left.
    A nice couple showed me where to take a number and said I had "new" written all over my face.
    I was told as of May they will credit the funds to a debit card.
    What I liked about the SCI part of the hospital is that it was it's own unit away from the rest yet connected.
    There were 2 funny volunteer guys in chairs who were always trying to help me. One told me to send up a flare and the other said he would bail me out.
    The Fargo VA told me to talk to Mpls about bowel bladder program, but they told me to talk to Fargo and gave me a number and name to call tomorrow.

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    So glad that it worked well for you and that it was a positive experience for both you and Dave. It was a long time coming!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesecake View Post
    So glad that it worked well for you and that it was a positive experience for both you and Dave. It was a long time coming!
    It as a VERY positive experience. The OT helping with the chair is exceptional.
    We are excited to see how the "head array"works vs sip-n-puff.

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