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    We are wanting to take our family on a cruise. The ship only has 4 wheelchair accessible rooms and they are all booked. However they have a modified executive state room.
    They said a wheelchair can go in but cant fully turn around. The room is made more for someone who can walk a little. It does have grab bars and a stand up shower. The bathroom has a lip on it that is between 3.5 in and 8 in but I think I can help him over that myself.
    He has a T4 complete injury and I am just wondering if anyone has ever stayed in a room like this and if it is at all possible for us to make this work???

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    Would not advise it. The bathroom door is undoubtably less than 20 inches wide, in addition to a step up, and likely does not have enough floor space for a wheelchair. Are you sure the stateroom door is wide enough for a wheelchair? This would be most unusual. Most are only 24" wide. You likely would have a great deal of problems getting the wheelchair next to the bed as well.

    I would strongly recommend looking for a different ship and cruise. Once you book, you are committed to that room, and it is very unlikely they will have a cancellation for an accessible room. We generally have to book at least 8-12 months ahead to get those cabins.

    Where are you going, and on what cruise line? Have you checked out the Disabled Cruisers forum at


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    Agree with KLD. Those modified staterooms are NOT intended for wheelchair users. They are intended for people with some mobility impairments but who otherwise can walk. You'd be much better off in an accessible cabbn.

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    The issue I had with this type of room was I couldnt shut door behind me once chair was in bathroom...

    4 rooms is so ridiculous.for a large line..not sure why cruise lines don't just make more universally inclusive rooms..or require an actual wheelchair user for reservations?
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    I have been on many cruises, and I would say don't do it. It could end up being a nightmare...
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