anyone run into the craziness with the new federal prescriptive laws for certain narcotics reclassifying them class 4 .
My doctor was prescribing them for me for over 2 years, another doctor another 2 years.
My pain management doctor had to take a test, and go through all kinds of bs to get ne my meds. To top it off the med i take only comes in 28 day supply.
by the time i received them i was about 7 days late.
Federl govt aqnd their war on drugs, Mexico is getting smart and saying why are their people getting killed because Americans want to smoke dope. hopefully they will tell america to just shove it, it your problem not mexicos.
Prohibition was wiped out , these laws will be wiped out when the politicians are younger.
It is sickeninf the amount od people that are in jail for possession. Put people in jail; for violent cromes and steling money, like the wall street people.