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Thread: Child Custody

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    Child Custody

    Has anyone ever been denied visitation with their child due to their handicap? I am having a child custody issue with my ex and she is trying to say that i am unfit to care for my child because of my disabiliy! I was injured in 2005 and was in a wheelchair for about 2 years. I have made great improvements and have been out of the chair ever since. I am able to walk ok. I just cannot run. I also walk with a limp. But i think that this is unfair that this can even be brought up in court. I live in the Suburbs of Chicago. My child just turned 1 and he is getting a little bit faster every single day. I just make sure i dont let him get far away from me and there has never been a single problem. If there is anyone who can offer me any help or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    Her lawyer would be stupid to even let her bring that up in front of a judge. If she does, it'll make her look bad, so let her threaten away. If you can can take of yourself, there nothing that says you're unable to care for a child.
    My ex tried that as soon as I got out of the hospital, judge chewed her a new ass.
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    It gets tried all the time...for both custody and visitation. It is not right, but it is something you should expect to deal with.

    I would strongly recommend that you and your attorney consult with the legal assistance division of the Looking Glass Foundation. They are expert in helping people combat this type of discrimination related to child custody in divorce proceedings:


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    Thanks, I will definatly check out It is just such a bad thing to be going through and it is just so fustrating that she can get away with all she is doing and then throw all this on top. But i guess it is all that can be expected when going through all this.

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    My son's mom pulled this in court. I made videos of me changing him, feeding him, and doing other activities with him. They never were used in court but my lawyer wanted to be on the safe side. They told her not to bring up the disability again, but honestly I think the judge I have has issues with it. It all depends on the judge you get. Women get away with a lot in court. Some fucked up dads messed it up for the good ones I guess. So hopefully you get a fair judge.

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    That is a great idea. I am not sure on how far they are willing to take things. I will be making viedos of me with the baby soon. Thanks Great advice.

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    also try to keep alot of what your doing private. suck as your plan of action. I went threw this. boy was it a nightmare took the judge 16 yrs to finialy say that my son stays with me. sad what kids have to go through just to have loving parents around.

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    Courts are often devoid of common sense. I went through a child custody battle a few years back and it was just nightmarish. While I don't have a disability, I have heard of a couple of cases where disability or illness was a factor in the custody decision. I would advise anyone doing this to break the bank and get the best lawyer you can possibly afford.

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    I had one of the best family law lawyers in northern california. I got the same results representing yourself. If you don't have anything to hide just do it yourself. 10k on a lawyer didn't get me shit but cc debt

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    I think most lawyers are scumb. But i am afraid to go without one. Kind of leaves me no other choice but to go into debt. It sucks it is just taking money away from the baby.

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