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    Smile Brown Sequard

    Anyone out there has Br. Seq. trauma C5/C6

    Neuro surgery 2006.

    Need somebody to compare notes thanks

    I am based in the U.K. My neuorologist is not much help

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    Lots of others here. Do a search using the terms "brown sequard" and you should find a number of previous posts.

    What help are you expecting from your neurosurgeon? They don't know much about disability. A physiatrist would be much more helpful.


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    I see a neurologist who is quite rude and dismissive do they have physiatrists in the U.K.

    my neuro signs are worse now than in 2006 , checked by my chiropractor. how would i know if ive got future problems when the neuro tests have deteriotated since the surgery.

    thanks for your time

    I have no consistent baseline to go on
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    Yes, there are physiatrists (specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation) in the UK. You can often get a referral by talking to the staff at the closest large SCI rehabilitation center.

    Have you had an MRI since you started to have deterioration? I would not expect a chiropractor to be the expert to see for problems like this. A good neurologist or neurosurgeon could determine if you have problems such as cord or root compression, myelomalacia, or a syrinx that could account for this problem.


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    Thanks for your advice, no MRI since 2007 have had alot of falls since op in 2006.

    My neurologist doesnt want to know me as I am very sensitive to medication and as yet refrained from usual gabapentins , amitryptilline, + carbamazapine. Got a foot drop orthotic last year from and a bladder test and that is it.

    The neurosurgeon in 2006 said my spinal cord was very messy, after C5/C6 decomression. Stated it was damage limitation only, and recovery was in the lap of the "GODS".

    Did not see a neurologist from 2006 until 2011!! That is the way it is here sometimes.

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    Hi it is a rough health issue regarding my situation
    It is as if someone shut off the switch on my left side of my body
    And me being a lefty only get's frustrated with the idiosyncrisies of this baffling enigma .

    I do not technically like the word syndrome as it sounds so heavy like a nuclear meltdown

    So far how I deal with it all these years is Lots of Patience and as I told Lynnifer it is like I am dragging 1/2 a person stuck on me ....
    What bugs me the most is my curled up left hand / fingers they cramp up feirce .

    Last month I asked my Dr o take my left leg off
    I'll see him in a month and remind him again lol
    This unique syndrome is hard to describe but I totally relate to my Grandmother and old friends who had strokes etc.....

    Here I am up late tonight watching the news stupid thunderstorms possible tornadoes etc... what the heck like I dont have enough junk on my mind but I always keep my goofy sense of humor . If I see hail i'll have to move my Big ol van under cover I cant afford a windshield . I need this weather like a Labotomy

    Sorry you are going through so much with your Brown Sequard Syndrome I wish there was something to make all of our lives better here at CC I love ya all my friends .

    Have a good weekend and Keep smiling
    Sincerely ;

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    thanks very much

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