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Thread: e-motion vs xtender

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    e-motion vs xtender

    I'm a c5/6 quad looking to get a power assist chair. Should I get the emotion wheels or the xtender wheels? I know the emotion wheels are more popular, but I have some questions about them:

    Is it easy to turn the wheels on and off? It seems like the button is on the actual wheel. Also, what's the deal with the remote I've seen on videos about the emotion wheels? Will I have to have that with me at all times?

    What's the difference in battery life between the two?

    Answers? Thoughts?


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    Anyone? Same question.... Pleez
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    I have never used the xtenders but I have the emotion m15's. They are great for me as a c5 quad. Heavy but I rarely breakdown my chair to ride in a car so it's not much of an issue for me. The battery life is great, I usually get about 2 full days out of them before I need a charge.

    To turn them on or off you just need to press on a rubber ring that is just on the outside of the quick release axel for the wheel. It is very easy to do even without wrist or finger movement.

    As for the remote it is mainly for programming initial settings. It also is used to set the speed of the wheels high(mode 2) or low(mode 1). I generally keep in it my bag on the back of my chair since I have extra room but you don't necessarily need to have it with you all the time.
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