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Thread: Single cup coffee solution

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    If there was dirt, you have dirty water. If the buildup is white, it is calcium. That will cpntinually buildup. If calcoum, take a solution of 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 H2O and run it through the system followed by just another only H2O. This would remove most/all of calcium and end result will even make coffee faster in addition to working.

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    I guess what happens is the top pin gets clogged sometimes because thats the one that punctures the cartrige, it gets foil stuck in it.
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    Any non-coffee K-cup recommendations? Teas? Hot chocolate? I'm trying to go by Amazon ratings, but there are so many products.

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    Donut shop for me. I call my keurig my widowmaker. You lose a spouse, suddenly you're reheating nasty 3 day old coffee. Eewwww.I felt quite grand, buying my own personal coffee machine.

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    I just got a Tassimo as one of my bday presents. Yay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaper1 View Post
    Any non-coffee K-cup recommendations? Teas? Hot chocolate? I'm trying to go by Amazon ratings, but there are so many products.
    I really didn't care for the non-coffee stuff we tried. I bought it originally, b/c the kids wanted to use it for the novelty. Buy a regular tea bag, is already a single cup, and way cheaper, and makes better tea. My daughter sometimes uses it to dispense the hot water for the tea, but you need to run a cup through first, to get rid of the little bit of coffee left. The hot cocoa is watery to me, altho, if you make it on the smallest cup, and add some milk it is drinkable.

    I would skip the non coffee stuff, unless it is a situation, like a work break room, where the machine is THE way to get a hot beverage.
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    Thanks sjean. It's for a gift, I'm fine with teabags myself.

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    I use a tea kettle and a french press. makes a great cup of coffee.

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