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Thread: Purchasing first handcycle

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    Purchasing first handcycle

    I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a big difference between the Top End handcycles and the Quick Sharks. Im debating between buying the Shark S or Top end force R. Im also 6'4 245. Im in pretty good shape though played college football before my car accident, im now a t-6 incomplete. I am so confused on the all the specs and modifications when filling out the order forms. Should I just call the company and give them my height and lengths and let them figure it out? Also I live in Washington State, so if anyone from here knows a place of business that sells these it would be a lot easier.

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    the quickie shark is heavy and slow, anything by sunrise medical is crap.

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    Talk to the guys at bike on. They are pretty helpful.
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    What's your level CJ. Do you plan to race or just do recreational riding and the odd marathon. Do you want to ride off road or on trails at all. We need more information before giving any good suggestions.

    R's and Sharks are mainly for smooth road, no speedbumps type riding. For higher levels they are hard to transfer in/out of and are more difficult for drivers to see on the road; flags and flashing rear lights are a must.

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    im a t7 incomplete, and i plan to race. im hearing the top end force r is the best to start out with. I cant find a dealer anywhere in washington state....Am i just suppose to contact and order it online?

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    You are aware most racing/touring handccyles have a weight limit of 250LBS aren't you?
    I'd purchase from or before I'd buy anytghing from spinlife.
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    CJ I live in Puyallup. I'd be more than happy to get together with you and talk this out. If you look at another recent post you'll get lots of feedback.

    I agree it is tough to figure this out. I've been doing it for 35 some odd years and still get it wrong.

    It is a great time to get a bike though, you've got tons of options.

    Seriously, let me know if you want some help.

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    This is my new handcycle.....and I am STOKED...

    it hasnt arrived yet, but the plan is to match it up with the Power Pod.

    With those tires it should be pretty much bullet-proof both on and off-road.....we will see tho.

    Its an Intrepid

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    yea sure thatd be great to meet up. my email is and my facebook is

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