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Thread: Shoulder and Arm Pain

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    Shoulder and Arm Pain

    I'm hoping someone might be able to help me:

    For the last few months I have been getting major pains in my shoulders when I go to sleep. They go numb which then goes down to my hands which also go numb. I love sleeping on my side but I can no longer do this as its very uncomfortable. The pain has now also started to carry on though out the day.

    Can anyone help me please

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    Do you do any shoulder exercises? Try working out your shoulders with light weights or those rubber bands. Added muscle mass will keep the nerves from getting pinched when you put weight on them when you sleep.

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    Double up the pillows so the weight of your head isnt mashing your shoulder as much might help. And stop lifting heavy objects with your arm out until it 'recovers'.

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    Definitely use additional pillows under your arms so that they are supported rather than hanging down. If you do that you might be able to return to lying on your side. Be careful about over extending your arms and doing more damage. You could try one of those blue ice pack things wrapped in a towel to see if it helps the pain, as ice can sometimes lessen inflammation.

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    For spinal cord injured people who use wheelchairs and put exceptional wear and tear on their shoulders, it is best to not sleep on them. It puts pressure on the joint and tendons. If the joint is worn and rotator cuff damaged the pressure from laying on them can cause the impingement syndrome which causes pains such as you describe. If you must sleep on your sides it is recommended that the angle between your shoulders-torso and the bed should be about 30 degrees. That helps prevent direct pressure into the joint and is optimal for preventing the development of pressure sores on your hips or ischial tuberosities. Hope that helps.
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