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Thread: Recovery of SCI after nerve rerouting

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    Recovery of SCI after nerve rerouting

    Nerve rerouting, no matter by Dr Zhang or Dr Xiao, involves nerve transfer, cutting of intercostal nerve or ventral root.

    After such treatment by any them, what will happen to the spinal cord and the body system if the spinal cord injury recovers?

    Maybe it recovers after any cell therapy or growth factor.

    The problem now is that certain nerves are lost. When the recovered sc tries to send impulse away, it fails. Perhaps there is no more use for the spinal cord to recover by now, because there are 'no partners'??!

    Will it be chaos in signal sending in nerve system?

    After doing nerve rerouting, can i do anymore cell therapy or growth factor? No use? Too late? Superfluous?

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    I don't think even the experts can answer these questions. Rerouting presupposes that no autonomic recovery of the SC itself will occur.
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