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Thread: Things that are making me happy this week

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    Things that are making me happy this week

    I realized something this week.

    Before yesterday, it had been quite a while, by my standards, since I'd come to CareCure. Sure, I've been busy with work and friends and ... other things, as you'll soon see. But there's something more.

    I realized I hadn't come to CareCure in a while because ... well, because I've been pretty happy with myself and my life lately. Which means I haven't really needed to use the pressure valve function this community has so often fulfilled for me in the past.

    I figure there's something wrong with a picture in which I only show up here when I have something to let off steam, or worse, outright complain about. So, in the spirit of sharing both the bad times *and* the good, I'm starting this thread, which I hope will some day become a worthy counterweight to that other epic one ... 'a thread to bitch and complain'.

    So yeah, I'm inviting you all to post in this thread: stories and pictures and poems and other artsy-fartsy things of, about, or otherwise related to the things that are making you happy in life.

    To kick it off, here are three of mine:

    My own place!

    Yeah, you read that right, folks! After nearly six months of living like a tourist, hauling a backpack that was just a tad too heavy for me from one youth hostel to the next friend's house, and occasionally to a hotel that was way too expensive, I'm done. I'm done hiding out in countless places where I shouldn't have been. I finally, finally, have a place to call my own.

    Below is a picture of one corner of it. Not that I'm particularly proud of this one corner. It's just that this one made the most colorful picture .

    Crutches that are actually useful to me!

    Well, you no doubt already saw them in the picture above, but here they are again, up close and personal:

    They're collapsible, which makes them relatively easy to stow away in a camper's backpack or an overnight bag, but above all, they are insanely stable, which means I can now officially, and even somewhat efficiently, get around my appartment on my own two feet again, with almost no help from various walls and doorframes.

    My flatmate ...

    ... ET in cat's clothes!

    No, her eyes don't really glow electric green like that. It's just a light effect caused by my phone's LED flash. But it's kind of cool, right?

    OK, that was me. Now who's next?

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    I can't think of anything more than feeling a lot better than last year - but just wanted to chime in that I'm so happy for you!! I want to say your luck has changed -- but you have obviously worked hard and persevered!

    Congrats - you must feel great about yourself!
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    ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is too cool for school! lol i scared my own cat by screaming in glee :P

    let's see:
    i got my picc line out and will finish antibiotics via pill but i am feeling so much better than i have in MONTHS

    i am starting to do the anime editing thing with friends. it's something that i thought i could give up but now i do not have to sit anxiously in barnes and noble and say "i will not buy manga...." over and over and then end up buying it and feeling guilty. it'll be a great creative outlet that has been missing for awhile

    because i feel better, i am feeling that i can focus on research. and that is a good feeling as well.

    my volunteering at an inner city school is going awesome. they are on break and i miss the kids so much

    so many of my friends are having babies and yea babies that i can give back are fun!!!

    just feeling better makes things in life easier to handle
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    I'm glad things are stabalizing for you Saranoya. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say (and especially how you say it).

    Keep on trucking!

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    What kind of crutches do you own? I'm currently looking for suggestions.

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    @ Brazil-Will: those are Quickstep crutches by Arbincare (

    They are ridiculously expensive (I paid 160 Euro apiece for them ... yes, really) so if you think you might consider these, make sure you test the hell out of them to make sure they actually make a meaningful difference for you as compared to a standard 30-dollar pair of crutches.

    I've tried a wide variety of different walking aids (not just crutches of all stripes, but walkers of all stripes, and tripod canes with wildly varying base widths). These crutches are the only walking aid I've tried with which I am truly able to move around independently, and now that I've bought them, I'm wondering if maybe, somewhere out there is a somewhat cheaper alternative with the same or similar stability, and I just haven't found it yet.

    Their collapsibility is nice to have, as is the fact that they remain upright when you put them upside down, but I think they're really only worth the money if they make the difference, for you, between sitting all the time and standing up regularly.

    I don't know what it is that makes them so stable for me. They have really wide feet, as crutches go, but if that were it, then I would probably get by just as well or better on a much cheaper pair of tripod canes. When at full length, they have a slight backward bend to them, and I suspect that shifts my point of gravity when standing slightly backwards with it, which makes it easier to keep my balance.

    But I truly don't know if they will be nearly as much of a revelation to you as they were to me, and at that price, they kind of need to be a revelation. So: only recommended if you can test, test, and test the hell out of them.

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    You go girl!
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    me too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Patton57 View Post
    I'm glad things are stabalizing for you Saranoya. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say (and especially how you say it).

    Keep on trucking!
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    I've been lusting after those crutches, but haven't been able to persuade myself to spend the money. Good to hear you're finding them useful.

    Congratulations on the apartment and the general feeling good about things!

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    Sara, I am absolutely delighted for you! Your flatmate is lovely, it's wonderful that you have your own place, and those crutches look better than any I've seen so far. Thank you for your update, it's very good to hear from you.

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