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Thread: How can I still recieve care while earning a substantial income?

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    In my personal experience, you will continue to receive state benefits if your income is below a certain level. Once you pass that level, they will give you a few extra months of coverage then its cut off. They may continue to provide coverage but will charge a monthly fee.

    If you make substantial income you probably will be given a decent health care package as part of your benefits. Check if they will cover this sort of thing.

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    Smile Plan to Pay

    I agree with SCI-Nurse, even without current government budget issues, it would be surprising if they covered all of the cost of care at that salary. I would definitely look at hiring and possibly training on your own and going with part time if that can cover your needs.
    I know of a few referral sites, but in this case, I would probably start with a search for an individual rather than an agency.

    Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbv
    All the money that you pay out for personal care assistance and medical expenses is deductible on your tax income.
    And you may save a lot of money on medical stuff because you'll have a private insurance plan instead of Medicaid. Make sure you choose the best plan that's offered. After Obamacare takes full effect I don't know what will happen.

    If you're working full time you won't need (probably can't have) a 24/7 PCA so you'll be saving 1/4 to 1/3 of those hours.

    Good luck.

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    I'm surprised someone who will be making $80k would be looking to fellow tax payers to continue to foot their attendant cost.

    Congrats on the job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NWC4 View Post
    I'm surprised someone who will be making $80k would be looking to fellow tax payers to continue to foot their attendant cost.

    Congrats on the job!
    That's kinda what I was thinking, making $80,000 a person can afford to pay for their own caretaker and still make more than most people

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    Talk to a special needs trust lawyer. If you can get to Abilities Expo an organization might be there for you to talk to. Good luck in DC It is very expensive to live there

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    Quote Originally Posted by jschism View Post
    That's kinda what I was thinking, making $80,000 a person can afford to pay for their own caretaker and still make more than most people
    Not in the Washington DC area unless you hire a new immigrant and, well, know a rather obscure west African language normally.
    DC does have a VERY well padded Medicaid program that runs into about 3-5 times the poverty level. I've seen taxi cab vouchers handed out so you can make all your appointments and have never seen so many ambulance/taxi services in my life.
    I would suggest talking to someone in DC at an ILC, not the one in Silver Spring, MD that's for the 5 surrounding counties. If you can't find one try calling a social worker at National Rehabilitation Hospital for some help on who to call and what the current limits are. Do change your citizenship to DC pronto! Illinois is cutting all sorts of benefits while DC hasn't thought about it yet. Register to vote, get a lirary card, city ID card, etc. Do not try to move to Virginia because their Medicaid has tight limits and traffic and paratransit is really hard to make work. NRH may also have ideas on accessible housing. If you need to hire your own, try students but not nursing students. That is considered practicing without a license in DC and Maryland. Living and commuting from Maryland is doable but Medicaid there is beginning to see cuts too.
    Are you going to be working for an agency of the US Government? If so, more help through your employer's HR and get the PPO BC/BS. It's worth it.
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    I would be interested to hear if you ever find anything worthwhile from a lawyer or other sources. I have been in an identical situation. I was in undergrad and graduate school for 7 years after my injury, so I could stay on Medicaid for all those years. My goal by sticking through graduate school was to make enough so that I can offset my medical expenses (as a complete C-4 quadriplegic, I have about 40k/year expenses in morning/evening caregivers, supplies, etc.). Of course it's nice to have a higher-than-average salary, but it would be nice to be able to enjoy it as much as my colleagues who put the same time and effort into their education to get the same job and have little to no medical expenses.

    The current system doesn't provide any motivation for people who don't have higher education to get off government assistance. If you have substantial medical expenses, it's difficult to break that threshold and still be able to support yourself.

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    How about looking for a assisted living facility. Because 80,000 isn't much in the D.C. area.

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    For assistance/care needs Medicaid has a "buy-in" program where you can work, get Medicaid benefits but cannot make more than $45,000 per/yr (in New York).
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