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Thread: How did you become paralyzed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    I remember mine vividly. I was doing a motorcycle stunt doubling William Shatner. I was suppossed to take a bike off a sand dune, leave the bike and roll down the hill. no big deal. I hit some hard sand and overshot my Mark.

    I remember leaving the bike flying thru the air and hearing a female voice tell me as clearly as if she were there that everything was going to be okay. I think the voice distracted me enough that I landed on my back. I was told later by a psychic, that it was my grandmother who always watched over me before she passed away. It was almost like I was watching it happen out of body.

    On a funny note to this. As I was laying in the sand and Bill was holding my hand; this girl I picked up the night before was let up the hill. She knelt down beside me, grabbed my other hand, held it to her chest and looked Bill straight in the eyes and said" I've been wanting to meet you all my life, I love you." Even with a broken back I had to laugh.
    Man that is funny, except the broken back part.
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    My 65 year old father was hit by a speeding taxi when he was walking across the street. He was alone. He has no memory of the accident...... thank goodness. Sometimes head trauma has some useful "side effects".

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    Alien abduction

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    Quote Originally Posted by bollefen View Post
    Alien abduction
    That's a pisser, I hear the spinal cord is a delicacy out there......bastards

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    A year and a half after my husbands fall from the tree in his brother's back yard we went to visit it.
    In my mind this tree was huge. There it was blooming away and not huge at all.
    He had been on the top of a 12 foot ladder and stepped onto a branch, the one he was shaking snapped and he remembers falling back wards and hitting his shoulder on the bottom rung.
    He was interested in trying to see where the branch was.
    I was not with him when it happened, but my sister and 2 friends were traumatized and kept seeing it over and over in their minds for a long time.

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    I was the passenger in a motor vehicle and the jackass driving was careless. He walked away fine and I am a c4/5 quad go figger! Oh well it is something I will have to learn to live with for the rest of my life.

    I have a spinal cord injury...a spinal cord injury DOES NOT have me!

    walking quad-Central Cord Syndrome

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    I was going out for an evening Sunday ride with family. I had bought this horse 2 months previous because I thought the young horse I had been riding was too much for me. The new mare was 9 yrs old and very calm . Trying to warm up in the pen before taking out on the trail, I kicked her to get her into a lope, which she was refusing to do. She won.

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    Ive been riding/racing motocross my whole life. I went straight to pro-am when I turned 16. At 20 years old february 19th 2011 during the first race of the season another rider didnt do the double in front of me. I had room to jump right past him. I was in the air and he cut from one side of the track to the other. I landed halfway on him and it sent me headfirst into the ground. Once I saw the pictures I always wonder why I couldnt have bailed off the quad sooner. Injuries were burst fracture to c6, fractures to c5,c1, bottom of my skull, broke the bone behind my upper lip, knocked 4 front teeth loose (just found out they are going to fall out). C6 incomplete
    c6 inc since 2-19-11
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    Sorry to see that Wills. Motorcycles; it's not a matter of if, but
    when and how bad. It's just that milli-second of hesitation that changes one's life. Glad you came out it incomplete.

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