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Thread: Good books/reference material for family members

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    Good books/reference material for family members

    Anyone know of any good books for family members of a person who just sustained a sci?

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    Amazing!!! In 1982, we scoured libraries (no internet...oh my!) for information on spinal cord injury. About the only information available was from the Paralyzed Veterans Association. NL got permission to use a medical library in Los Angeles which was a great help, but not readily available to the public. Finally found out about Craig Hospital and their publications and they were helpful. Rehab was a trial and error proposition with a lot of "well let's problem solve this" bantered around.

    I remember one especially irritating experience with condom catheters. The condom catheters the facility was using were those contraptions of torture that used a strap with plastic buttons to hold the catheter on...well they were supposed to hold the catheter on. After 3 transfers in one morning resulting in three pull offs and accidents, NL was furious and fed up with these things. She found Freedom and Freedom Advantage self adhesive condom catheters (a big break through). She got the company to send free samples of the products to us and to each of the physical therapists, occupational therapists, and the head of the hospital's rehab division. Within weeks, the old catheters were dropped from the program and the self adhesive catheters replaced them.

    "Darkeyedsue," I hope you find the kind of information your family needs to help them cope with the spinal cord injured life.

    All the best,

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