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Thread: Neurologist says 2 years

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    Neurologist says 2 years

    This is what a family member told me they heard from a friend of theirs who has a family member that is a patient at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. (so that makes it second hand info)
    This person's doctor, said that spinal cord research has come so far, he believed they would have a surgery, with implants, at their hospital in about 2 years that would have spinal cord patients walking again.

    Perhaps they misunderstood, perhaps he was being overly optimistic, perhaps he knows something I don't about what's going on at the Miami Project and in this country...

    Any opinions?

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    Any opinions?
    it's all talk until there's something to give them credibility.

    sure, it sounds great... & the miami project has had exposure to huang's work, so who knows? they might be getting their act together... at the same time a public release of studies done similar to huang's would cause quite a stir w/ the public... politically, religiously, etc.. if there is/was something going on, i could understand keeping it on the DL.

    so wait & see. personally i'm not holding my breath, but ya never know. when it comes, we'll know w/o a doubt.

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    When I was at MP last January, some plegic was taking me around in his chair. He had been with MP for years; I think since it began. He told me at that time that something was going to happen soon. He stated with the Cheshire cat look on his face, "something big will happen in six months. Just wait six months." Well he was partly correct. That's when I started hearing about OEG, but not at MP. So that doc you mentioned may be correct about two years, but I don't think that it will be at MP. They will have to wait a few years after it has been proven so they can milk all the money they can out of it. When they are forced to put up or shut up, they may start researching the cure at that time, what ever it may be.

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    Agreed Scott.

    hope2finda...If we're not the first to know then, imho, it probably doesn't exist.

    With the super sleuths around here I don't think we miss much.

    But, as always, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    Onward and upward.

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    You should not be posting such unreliable comments. You should research this fully and then post. We hear this stuff all the time. Without substantial evidence, this is nothing. Not putting you down, just do your homework first.

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    Maybe this surgeon was referring to the electical stimulators being implanted..Dr.
    Borgens work...or something of that nature.

    This type of statement should have been followed by about 100 questions. Then passed
    on in detail.

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    do it. Walt Disney

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    Something tells me that the
    process/surgery will always be more affordable
    overseas. With the way insurance companies are headed, by the time this gets approved stateside... <shudder>
    I have faith in those who put their integrity/love on the line daily.
    I have no faith in insurance companies.
    Dr Huang, from what I have seen/read,
    seems such a person. Who else would
    you want to do such a proceedure?


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    Sorry everyone. I did attempt to find out more, but was unable to. As it was, the people it was said to did not know the questions to ask. There are many people that don't understand SCI, even though they have a family member or friend living with it. I thought it was nice to hear the opposite coming from a doctor other than you'll never walk again...had it been me that he said it to I would have pinned him down on details. I did look at their website, and their research and sent an email inquiring about any promising surgery that may be available in the next couple of years for SCI, but didn't get a response.
    As for my opinion,(for what it's worth)which I didn't give, I believe the "cure" will happen first somewhere else. After all, look at Dr. Huang and Dr. Lima!
    Thanks for everyone's input.

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    Jim Guest at the Miami Project is doing OEG studies in animals and hopes to take it to clinical trial when the animal studies are completed. He has successfully cultured human adult OEG cells from both the nasal mucosa and the olfactory bulb of cadavers (organ donors). He has also developed new and minimally invasive methods of getting the cells and transplanting the cells. It is quite exciting. Wise.

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    Is that a replication of Mackay-Sims? No matter what, that is VERY exciting news.

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