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Thread: have an Ipad, NEED A STYLUS

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    have an Ipad, NEED A STYLUS

    hey guy's, I was looking for some good stylus...most I've found need a lot of pressure, while surfing I found these stylus..they look and sound great if you have hand issues...thought I'd ask if anyone has used the Stylus-R-Us stylus and if they like it...I like drawing on my ipad but find it difficult with my finger...they also extend but they are a little pricey........

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    I don't use a stylus to draw on my iPad, but I purchased two of the inexpensive variety. One was modified with a little piece of foam and it's used in a cuff. Both are about $11.

    I don't think I'd even attempt to draw because whether it is on paper or the iPad my talent resides elsewhere. A smiley face or stick people is about the extent of my drawing talent. :-)

    The two I own are below.

    It's the Targus Stylus

    The other one I bought is just the plain 'ol Amazon basic one.

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