I finished putting on the cadence counter and heart rate monitor on the handcycle along with the powerpod.

Knowing my hrt at a certain cadence maximizes my time on the bike. Speed is relative to the effort involved.

Basically, I can do the conditioning in a much faster, less strainful way. Going up a hill manually with cadence and hrt usually means going up slower with added strain to the shoulders etc. Using the powerpod, I go up that same hill as fast as I want with the same or faster cadence and intended heartrate. No strain whatsoever or as much as I want. It's pretty cool. This is a great tool for training the cardio and getting miles in.

I've noticed a faster cadence using the bike without the powerpod. It's more of a matter of what cadence we get used to. I rather like the faster cadence and faster speed with the pp.

There's no excuse now. Even if you can't spin the cranks doesn't mean you can't still go for a ride. Strap on a Powerpod and hit the throttle. I've gone on roads I've never been abble to do before. With my pulling and the powerpod pushing, I've made them all on and off road.

There's nothing like being on the road, out of the chair feeling the wind going at a good clip. I hope I can do it to the last day.