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Thread: Rusty Van Reeves passed away

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    Blessings and I wish you peace ! Rusty was very kind to me and I never forgot that !

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    Wow, I log in for the first time in over a week to read this about Rusty.

    An immensely talented, kind and insightful man. I loved his writing as much as his attitude on life.

    John, I know he was a dear and close friend,I am sorry.

    Rest in peace, Rusty--gone but not forgotten.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Rusty is an "Eagle Scout shirtless in the summer sun"....once again.

    I believe he was kind to everyone. Blessings Rusty!

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    rock on my friend

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    So sad and shocked at this news. I found this site about 12 yrs ago and really enjoyed his posts.Rarely visit this section so had not read his posts in several years. His life was not in vain.

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