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Thread: Complete C5 Vs Incomplete

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJsMom View Post
    Thank you all for your responses. I have requested another meeting with his rehab team to get more info now that I now what I need to ask. My mind as been in a fog since the accident and just in the past week has started to clear up and focus.

    He is at Casa Colina in Pomona, CA. The current issue is the team is recommending a power wheelchair and A.J. is adamant he doesn't want a powerchair but wants a manual chair. He doesn't want to be different or "odd-looking" using his neck to move the chair. He'd rather be pushed. And of course, he shuts down and blocks out people when they attempt to discuss the long term possiblity of his being in a wheelchair.

    Thiis site is inspiring, reading through the stories and seeing all the support. I will be showing this site to A.J. today.
    Thank you!
    At a c5 level AJ should be able to use a hand control on a power chair. The power chair will give him far more independence both indoors and outdoors. You can always buy a manual chair online to use also. Insurance usually only pays for one chair, power chairs can cost as much as 30 or 40 thousand dollars so let insurance buy the power chair. Project Walk in Carlsbad is an excellent facility to teach and motivate people. We travel there from Pennsylvania every year or so.

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    I'm 9 months into my recovery from shattered c5, fused 456, function of c7, contusion to the spine, incomplete. Best advice I've gotten is take recovery as my own personal Olympics. I've been told I won't walk and all that. I won't give my goal of walking again and train everyday and get in my standee. You gotta put work in and hope for the best

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    The order for A.J.'s (C5 on 2/10/12) wheelchair is being placed this Monday. He is insisting on a manual chair even though the therapists recommend power chair. He says the power chair will make him lazy & unmotivated. He is improving in his right arm movement but the left is still not really doing anything. You can see some flex in the muscle area, though. I'm afraid he is making a choice he will later regret but his dad supports his decision. A.J. just turned 18 so I don't have the final word over his care anymore. And advice you would give to A.J.?

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    I would just let him know that this is his chance to get a power chair, and that he may not be able to get one in the future. Has he been outdoors or on any outings with recreation at the rehab center with a manual chair? Has he found how difficult it can be for someone at his level to get up a ramp, across uneven ground, etc. under his own power? Has his team given him these challenges to deal with?

    I would also let him know that later when he wants to do things that involve these types of environmental challenges, you and other family members are very likely to not be available to push him around manually or accompany him on these outings, so he may end up missing out. This includes things like negotiating a college campus or work location as well as fun places to visit.

    Don't let him just become homebound. This would be a disaster for a young man like this.


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