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Thread: Daughter put on respirator

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    Anxiously waiting to find out how things are going.
    I hope she gets it our ASAP,can't blame her for that.
    Promising news she is getting some time to breathe on her own.

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    Sorry to hear this Domosoyo, I hope you guys get some answers soon. Good to hear she's doing a little better and hope she gets to go home.

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    Dear Domosoyo,

    I hope all turns out well. For all the good I received from my experience with the Locomate it is just awful to hear what happened. My worst thing that happened to me was my foot drop lost cadence and dragged my foot and lower leg down the tread mill. The researcher was "exuberant" and I was ready to shake it off and GO FOR MORE. There was no broken bones but the strawberry road rash took some time to heal.

    Your daughter probably wants to shake off this "episode" and climb back on the horse.

    One "Step" at a time,

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    Erin feeling feisty enough to make it clear that the tube has got to go away right away is great news! I hope that happens for her soon -- it's pretty miserable having that tube keep you from talking and trying to adjust to something else deciding when you're done inhaling and exhaling.

    Continuing to send high hopes that she can be liberated as soon as it's safely possible for her to get off and stay off the respirator; that her docs nail down what's going on asap; and that whatever caused this can be treated quickly and easily so you all can get home and back to living your lives as soon as possible!
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    Erin is off the respirator! She was so relieved to hear that the team was called to take out that tube and that they were on their way. She didn't know it wasn't going to feel so great right away. So, most of the afternoon was spent clearing her throat, giving her sips of water, respiratory therapy, pain meds, and general after care as she recovers. I think she was expecting to be tip-top when that tube came out.

    They continue to treat with antibiotics. It seems that Erin will be discharged soon to us, but that is a question for the doc tonight. We are grateful things are looking up! I'm sure she is trying to feel better for all those chocolate bunnies coming her way

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    Oh, what joyous news!

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    I'm so glad she is off the respirator! That must have been terrifying. Are they thinking it was just an infection then?
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    Fantastic news! Give Erin a big Auntie smooch on the cheek from me.

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    I'm so glad to know the good news.
    - Richard

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    Great news, I've been too sad to even open this thread, sorry. I'm glad Erin is doing much better!
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