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Thread: Having surgery on Friday....

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    The day is almost upon me. I am having yet more surgery to hopefully fix some of this pain that I am in from the implantation of the mesh for a hernia. You'd think I wouldn't be worried but a 3.5-4 hour surgery is a little frightening to me. Plus since the surgeon doesn't know all that has been effected, he doen't really know what he is going to encounter when he gets in there. This also freaks me out! In a little over 36 hours I will be in pre-op .... YIKES!!!

    This time next week it will be over,and I hope you are much better!

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    Thanks to every last one of my CC family! I dont know what I would do without your encouragment and support through everything. I will post an update when I am able....probably at least not till Monday. I am going to be spending at least 5 days in the hospital after the surgery due to my complex medical history etc...

    Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for everything these past many years. I would not be here if it hadnt been for all of you!!

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    Just thinking about you, Becky...I know you're pretty banged up right now, and hope your pain and surgical wounds will heal quickly.

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    Post surgery on Friday

    Dear bcsimpsons
    I echo the responses of other CC members. Best wishes for smooth recovery following your surgery.

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    I am very concerned. Has anyone heard how the surgery went?

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    I hope to hear something soon, too, as I share your concern. It's only been a week postop, though it seems longer - fingers crossed for good news from Becky (or someone posting on her behalf).

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    Damn, I had my hope up that there was some news. Not that seeing others are as eager to hear as I am is a bad thing, but there's a point when it gets more difficult to be convinced by the 'no news is good news' mantra. I can't believe it's only been a week!
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    Been wondering too.

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    Checking for an update...
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