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Thread: Laserpuncture and Electropuncture for SCI

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    Laserpuncture for SCI by Albert Bohbot

    Quote Originally Posted by NicoQc View Post
    Ive done 2 treatment of laser puncture by Alber Bohbot, 1 Year later nothing have change and it cost me around 10000£, by the way i'm C7 incomplet
    Could you explain more on the treatment you did? How many days? How long per day? Did you see how many acupoints? Where on body? Were you told any details on the characteristics of the laser? What do you mean by '2 treatment'?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blairc7 View Post
    Does that imply that you have had laser treatment that has resulted in some improvement in your affliction?

    There is some evidence that MS is more prevalent in the higher latitudes than around the equator. The theory suggests that people in the tropics are exposed to more sunlight which results in the production of more vitamin D in the body. There is no credible evidence that exposure to cold laser light of any wavelenght has any similiar effect.

    (There was a story on the Today show this morning about laser treatment for cellulite. The doctor inserts a needle UNDER the skin that has sufficient power to heat and melt fat that then flows into the cellulite "dimples", smoothing out the skin. The "before and after" pictures were not all that much different in my opinion.)

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    Dirly Idol,
    I've done laserponcture for 2 weeks, 5 day per week, 2 time per day..
    If my memories is good in the morning he put maybe 8 ''laser'' on your leg and abs
    and in the afternoon he put 8 ''laser'' on your back and ischio.. To be honest i didnt feel anything maybe a little bit of 'fire' on my leg but not much.

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    after treatment you can go to his gym ( really poor gym, old machines) i have better gym at my home and he make a LOT of money trust me

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    I don't mean laserpuncture is good and effective for SCI, but i think 2 weeks is too short. I think that it should be a long-term treatment and rehab, taking several months to see effect, if really done. Even by using traditional approach using needle, 2 weeks is too short.

    How many minutes or how long per side of body each time? you meant 2 sides
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    I've done 2 trip to bohbot center, one in november 2009 and the other in june 2010, i stay for 2 week.. I think it was about 20 min each sceance.

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    "You pay your lolly, and hope for results". NO! "you pay your lolly, and expect results". This bugs me most about these treatments; they are not necessarily bogus, and without evidence, their protagonists cannot be properly identified as frauds. The legal definition of fraud is knowingly making a claim that is false. If someone purchases a service, they have a right to expect it to work, at least in part. The distinction between consumer (medically, a patient) and a participant in an experimental project should be clear. A willing guinea pig should actually receive payment, or at least not make any.

    A treatment or therapy, surely, must be proven. Whether the patient, or a national or private means of insurance pays is immaterial. Medicine is not a car or a vacuum cleaner, and no absolute assurances can be given, but I think that asking for a fee running to 10's £k, with regular nil, or possibly negative results is too steep to be permitted.

    In another thread, I said there should be a globally agreed protocol on a no win no fee basis, that does respect the complexity of medical endeavour.
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