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    Stem Cell Research

    Stem Cell Research
    Sarah Menendez | Apr 03, 2012 | Comments 0

    In 2009, President Obama overturned a policy enacted by the Bush administration that put limits on stem cell research. With the lift of several restrictions and a change in political climate, scientists felt that a breakthrough in treatments using stem cells was inevitable. Fast-forward three years. Here we are in 2012; any monumental achievement? No. Unfortunately, a dearth of economic investments in this field of science are to blame for the lack of discoveries made with stem cell research in the United States.

    Patients with issues ranging from cancer to Alzheimer’s looked with hope toward the prospect of new successes with stem cell treatments, but there are no results to show for. Many Americans with spinal cord injuries looked towards the stem cell research field with hope when the U.S. company, Geron Corp., started testing treatments using human embryonic cells. These efforts began with the easing of restrictions set forth by the Obama administration; however, developments have been set to a halt. In November of 2011, Geron announced that the program would be canceled due to lack of profit returns. Their work wasn’t put to an end because of government restraints put against them or lack of support; they stopped because this research was treated like a business deal.


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    The geron trial was just flawed from the start with it's target of acutes with too strict and too small of a target population... I saw that from the beginning... It's been a long time, let the undeserved hype of the geron die
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    Dr Silver, said that the research community thought Geron's try was flawed also. We're moving forward.

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