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Thread: Push Girls Preview

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    Push Girls Preview

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    Devo Tevo!

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    I hope they represent strong, tough women! It's refreshing to see a show like this at all.
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    I just pray it doesn't de-evolve into a Housewives of Orange County.
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    I like that, at least in this preview, it doesn't look like some Jersey Shore/Real Housewives type of show.

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    pleeeeeeaaassee let it turn into real housewives on wheels lol it looks like it'll be a great show!
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    That actually looks really great. I have a close friendship with a number of fellow women with SCIs and I think it's neat that the show portrays how awesome that support system can be.

    I'd watch it if I lived in Ammurrikah.

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    very, very cool. Much needed. Well done and very good quality. Will add this to my housewives line up! ) (Might replace the AtL one!) )
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    I like it, just hope it's not on sundays, I hope I don't forget.

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    Will be illegally streaming this for sure
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