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Thread: Asymmetrical AD Sweats

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    Asymmetrical AD Sweats

    I have a C6-7 complete spinal injury, 17 months post. Generally the only AD I've had has been explainable with bowel or bladder. Then 15 days ago I woke up with AD and BP about 40 points high. The odd thing about the symptoms was that only skin to the right of center line was cold and sweaty. That included the right side of my face, the right side of my neck, right shoulder and right arm. (Never sweat below my injury level.) I have no visible signs of cuts, scrapes, bruises or skin breakdown to explain the AD.
    Over the next week or so I contacted several doctors (urologist, physiatrist, neurosurgeon) trying to find an explanation. The urologist checked for kidney stones with negative results. A few days ago I had X-rays and an MRI of my upper spine but I don't have those results back yet. I have a syrinx which had not grown in the 12 months we've been observing it. One theory is that it might have started growing and might be related to this asymmetrical sweating. I have not noticed any new weakness in my arms or hands.
    After a week or so the symptoms moderated. The blood pressure swings have been less extreme, but my right arm remains cold and sweaty most of the time. Does anyone have an explanation or experience with similar asymmetrical sweating?

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    Asymmetrical sweating is not that uncommon in people with cervical injuries. It most likely indicates an asymmetrical lesion of your spinal cord related to your autonomic nervous system tracts in the cord.

    It can be associated with a syrinx, so it will be important to look for any progression in yours from your MRI results.

    Given that you also have blood pressure elevation associated with the symptoms, it could also be AD that you experienced last week. You could see an exaggeration of your asymmetrical lesion during an AD episode.

    I hope other possible causes of your AD other than just the urinary system were explored. This can range from constipation or impaction to problems with internal organs (appendicitis, gall bladder problems, etc.) to pressure ulcers, fractures, HO, or even ingrown toenails.


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    My husband occasionally gets what we call "half and half." One side is warm and the other cool right from the middle of his head to his hands.
    He doesn't feel sick or like he has AD when this happens, it is just weird.

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    Thanks for the responses and guidance. It's good to know that my issues are not unique.

    I finally met with the neurosurgeon to learn about the current status of my syrinx. He said, and looking at the MRI image I agreed, that the syrinx had grown not at all or maybe just a little. His opinion was that it was probably not the source of the problem, but he didn't have any suggestions about what was. Fortunately, the AD symptoms have pretty much subsided. I'm still detecting a little asymmetry in the occasional B&B sweats but mostly just in my arms. So I'm left with “don't worry, be happy".

    And since I'm a new poster around here, I'd like to say how much value the site has brought to me. Lurking here for the last eight or ten months, I've read through hundreds of old threads mostly in the equipment and care sections. The information and guidance available from voices of experience is invaluable, especially for someone relatively new at this like me.

    BTW, there's a pic of me and my “hero” dog in the current issue of People magazine, page 80. He's a good dog, unfortunately still recovering from his ACL surgery. Two gimps in the family.

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    The only time I sweat on my right side is if my left side is experiencing pain below my injury level (c5/6). Same with if i'm clammy/sweating on left, it's usually a tight shoe, pressure,,,pain of some kind on opposite side causing that AD terrible feeling.

    Congrats on article! Much love to your fur-baby
    "The sweet is not as sweet without the bitter"
    ~"Vanilla Sky"~

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    Ive been having these cold sweats also going through 4-5 shirts a day and 2-3 towels,i have an appointment for urodynamics on 4-17 i hope i can wait that long....

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    I got my results from the urodynamics my kidneys are fine but theres some sort of pressure in my bladder im scheduled for a cystoscophy on 5-31,my urologist gave me a sample of Rapaflo to see if that would ease the sweats.....i'll keep everybody posted on my results....

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    I had my cystpscophy on 5-31 urologist said i was fine,i told him about the bad sweats he said i should do straight caths the last time my wife did ic on me last month i started urinating blood and had a uti i dont know if my doctor gave me the wrong size straight cath 16fr or my wife did it wrong but im terrified of doing straight caths now,the doctor told me to try size 14 i have some free samples but am scared to try again what should i do?? please help........

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    SLIQNES, Is it possible you waited too long before cathing? If your bladder gets too full, expanded abruptly, it can cause trauma to your bladder wall, causing heavy blood in urine but subsides within the same day.

    Listen to your doctor and try the 14fr catheter. Good luck
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    Try it again and lots of lubricant. It should go right in also take deep breahts and relax. If still issues try a coude' catheter- 14 is fine and sometimes a larger catheter is better sometimes smaller. You may be having sphincter spasms or you may have DSD where the sphincter spasms down, tell her not to push hard and you may have a false passage and it might be going in there. Alot of people also get scar tissue around the bladder neck so if it continues probably should scope you but if your urodynamics or scan show you are not emptying then you need to cath atleast sometime. Or you will get AD and you will get infections and depending on the presure at rest or with voiding/leaking it may be to high and bad for kidneys.Also prostate could be an issue and might be enlarged which you can see with Video uds. Tamsulosing or Flomax good for this and alos might help relax the sphincters. Also sometimes the xylocaine for cathing helps but typically doesn't get to the areas that spasms. So don't blame it on the wife!!! And try again!
    Also UTI's some organisms do irritate the bladder and you have bloody urine.

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